Father’s Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day!

It got me thinking about family and how important they are to me.  I’ve been married to the same man for a little over 47.5 years.  We raised our 2 sons and several foster kids, and now our 3 girls.  Seems like a long time and yet it is amazing how fast much of my life has passed.

“As sands through the hourglass – so are the Days of Our Lives”

That is a direct quote from an old but famous soap opera – but I can still hear MacDonald Carey saying those words on TV.   A dramatic introduction to an ongoing storyline.   Lust, murder, lies.  A daily buffet of the woes of the world.

That simple introduction was profound – (and also a favorite Blog quote)  

My life hasn’t been as dramatic as a soap opera but its been an ongoing storyline — one that belongs to me and me alone.   Its a story that touches many people as my life crosses their path.  Some people are major players; some supporting actors; and some play only bit parts and cameo roles as my story unfolds.  Some scenes are inspiring; some wasted; some happy; some sad.   But the constant thread is always family.

Being a Christian, I have my natural family and I have my heavenly family.  I’m a part of the family of God.  Accepted in and adopted into the Father’s family.  

Wooed by the Holy Spirit I was introduced to Jesus and came to love Him with all my heart.  Because of my love for Him I was accepted and because of Him I belong to an even bigger family — an eternal family.  I have brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Strangers I am bound to by a common thread — the thread of  knowing Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord.

Tomorrow I will call my Daddy and tell him how much I love him — even though he knows it without me saying it.  Just like my Heavenly Father knows that I love Him.  The only thing is — it can NEVER be said enough.

Father I love you!


About Beverly Goding

Hi to All! I love art in lots of forms and use all mediums. Its WHATEVER suits me on that day. I'm the mother of 5 children. In my spare time, I'm a Real Estate Broker in Sandpoint, Idaho. I'm actively involved in my church and serve on an Area Team for Aglow International. My giftings are teaching Adult Sunday School and Preaching the Word of God. You can find me on several sites - Just Google me! Zazzle - The place to buy my original Art and Photography online. They turn my original art into Posters, mugs, keychains,Postcards, Notecards, Invitations, Dog clothes, Tennis Shoes, Magnets, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and much more. See my store at Zazzle One note: I noticed last night that some of my artwork came up as stomachs and bottoms --- not my fault!!!! I have to revise them because they make the picture fit the product. Oh My! EBAY - I carry Home Decor, Holiday items, Collectibles, Art, Art Books and Supplies. Also imported items from Jerusalem, Israel, Silver Communion Cups and Christian merchandise. Hundreds of Items. I make one of a kind beaded jewelry in modern and Native American. If you need something special just ask.
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